About Us

Gayatri Engineers Pvt Ltd, Mumbai is the only company india to manufacture, supplier an exporter complete range of products fabric grey checking machine, under one roof with a which spread across a globe. Mr Vinod Panchal who is the founder of GayatriTex, has wide experiance of more then 15 years in this field and industry.

He him self was been a Design Engineer more than 12 year in many esteemed companies and in 2007 he went into co-found his own company Gayatritex.

The company has been day by day updating and making modification in ech and every machine to meet the ever incresing demand on quality and the need of our customer such as save time and increased productivity grey fabric preparation etc.

Considering our activity in each and every we can able to increase our sales with the help of our valued customer, due to which in a short span of 2 years, we have achieved a very good target in Indian Market as well as in International Market, Considering our quality and other inputs and also considering the fact that fabric mechanical counter meter, we are fullfilling all our requirement to our customer and also manufacturer the machine of fabric mechanical counter meter acording the customer like requirment fabric grey inspection machine which will exactly suits them, up till now, we have supplied a good number of machine througout India and International market which are working satisfactory. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Fabric Grey Checking machine, Grey Fabric Prepration, Fabric Grey Inspection Machine and all fabric machine in expensive quality.

Quality Control And Assurance :

In the developtment of high performance inspection machines GayatriTex take into consideration lot of innovation and years of experiance to meet all customer demand.