Sample Cutting Machine, Mumbai, India

Sample Cutting Machine

sample cutting machines

Fabric Sample Cutting Machine
Most accepted machine for small swatch and sample cutting.
Equipped with 1 no. Serrated blade and  1 no. cutting board.
“HSO FREE OF SAND ’’ Cutting board for extended life of blade.
Easy Effotless and Efficient operation.
For safety machine is equipped with P.L.C. Controls for two-hand safety Operation.
Model ‘SUPER CUT’ is equipped with electro mechanical drive.
Solidly built table model ‘SUPER CUT’ IS  provided with millimeter graduation.
Machines manufactured following the safety classes of EU.
Most economical  machine in its range.
M.S, rigid frame to with stand vibration.
Maximum of 3 inches of fabric sample can be cut in one quick cycle.
Lights are provided internally for clear vision of cutting process.
Sizes available for blade width from 10” upto 30”.
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